Ghouls Gold Slots

Ghouls are arguably a more frightening version of ghosts. However, the ones in Ghouls Gold slot game look to have access to some gold, so maybe we should be brave and look more closely to see what might be in store for us here.

Betsoft is behind this slot, and while it is far from the most complex one that they have ever created, it still ranks as a neat and enjoyable slot to play. Let's check out what it can offer us.

Reels and paylines

The rule of threes comes into play here - three reels and three lines, indicated by more than one icon appearing per reel during play.

Coin values

The smallest line bet is just two cents. If you want to increase that you can - up to 50 cents per go. Each line is also able to take more than one coin, with five per line being the maximum.

Ghouls Gold symbols to look out for

Many three-reel slots put the paytable on the same screen as the reels. That's not true of this one though. There are two icons on that table that are worth searching for as you play. The first is a stack of coins, which appears in the game as a substitute symbol. The second is a bag which is associated with the jackpot prize. Three of these will be required to appear on a paid line to trigger that prize.

Is there a bonus of any kind?

There is a ghoul that could appear in this game too, and this must show up three times on the same line to unlock a bonus game. This feature occurs on another screen, where various ghouls are flying in the air. The idea is to click on as many as you can before your time runs out. The more you manage to snag, the better the resulting prize will be. Don't take your time with this one - you only have a limited amount!

Get ready to play and enjoy Ghouls Gold slots

Ghouls Gold offers a wild, a jackpot prize, and a second-screen bonus, so you can imagine it is one of the more impressive three-reel slots out there today. If you are keen to find out more about it, why not try the demo version? It's good to try and it may persuade you that ghouls are friendlier than you would think…